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free 21-day journaling process


I can’t tell you how many times I hear, “I’ve always wanted to start journaling,” or “I should start journaling, but I never know what to write about.” Well, now’s your chance to kick-start your journaling practice with a little guidance.

Join me for a free 21-day journaling adventure
that we’ll do together

There is a place within you that is free of doubt, worry, fear and suffering. Each time you are able to return to this place, the easier it becomes to get there and the less it seems separate from yourself. In this program, you will get still and connect to that place through journaling, allowing it to guide you as you bring into focus what you’re here to contribute, who you really are, and what you want most out of life.


You’ll get an email in your inbox every day for 21 days that supports your self inquiry. Each email has a theme and weaves inspiring stories with wisdom I have gained on my own journey, followed by journaling questions. You’ll also get some directions so you can map out your own path with a little more insight and awareness. The final destination may be unknown, but it’s along the road where you discover your self-imposed limitations that you have the power to change, as well as life’s greatest gifts that remind you of who you truly are.

As you move through this program, you will have the opportunity to examine what stories you keep telling yourself and decide if they are serving you. Use the next 21 days to connect to the space within that is limitless and can usher in transformation and healing. Inquire and allow the time for your own innate wisdom to flow through your writing so you become more open to deeper levels of awareness, shattering your doubt and finding solutions to create a reality you desire.

I promise, it’ll be fun.


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