Women, Success and Leading from the Feminine

Not too long ago, a friend reached out to our community and asked “Who are the women out there who are really successful, and leading from the feminine”? I loved that question. Here was my answer.

Loved this post and not surprisingly very relevant for me in this moment (and by moment I mean starting 3 weeks ago). I’m going through a full reorg (Network Care term) and fully reviewing who I am at my core, what my passion and purpose is, how my choices have gotten me to where I am today and how I can change it all. I’ve completely moved through life often making decisions based out of fear and then to pull me through, lead from my masculine. This hasn’t been working for me.

You gotta’ do what you gotta do. Party through the pain, Power through it. It is what it is. These aren’t even the good ones. And while we all are Tony Robbins fans, and a lot of his work comes from Soul, it is still often packaged and manufactured from the masculine. While I’m with you on there being a lot of Feminine Empowerment leadership out there, some of it leaves a bad taste in my mouth as well.

I also wanted to note, it’s not just Manhattan where this is a problem — it’s a national epidemic, maybe even global, where the core may be rooted in Metropolitan areas where high paying careers are in the most demand. It could be a little softer outside of NYC, but it’s how we all have been taught is the path to success.

So who’s doin’ it well? It’s a little hard to answer, but I do have some ideas. I think it may be hard to tell, because we aren’t behind the scenes, and I do believe the reflection of leading from the feminine may look exactly the same as leading from the masculine in the end — it’s how the leadership is developed, it’s where it steams from that is different, right? So Sara Beak comes to mind, and mostly because she talks about how she got the smack down from Andrew Harvey and had to reevaluate her career.

I can’t watch this video enough. I love it for so many reasons and it’s a reminder of where I should be working from. As a result of her shift, the work she developed looks exactly like it did before, but now she is leading from a much different space.

Your question also has me wondering — what are the similarities of leading from the feminine and leading from Soul. Is it the same thing — or just similar? I’m also a new Devon Franklin fan. He definitely leads from Soul, and I have a feeling it also may be the feminine. I am about to start his book Produced By Faith, where he talks about fulfilling your purpose using producing a film as a metaphor. That sounds super masculine — but it’s talking about the creative process. So, I’m not sure yet if he’s a good one. I’ll let you know.

When I try to think of people with even bigger celebrity status — this may be a generalization, but I think singer/songwriters in general lead from their feminine. People like Shawn Calvin or even Sheryl Crow… Boonie Raitt, Indigo Girls.. real grass roots type artists. I can throw in there Alicia Keys and Jill Scott. More recently from a business perspective Jessica Alba is doing a pretty good job too. Just a thought.


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